Barbados 4 Dummies
For quite some time, friends been asking about our favorite holiday destination.
The discussion usually evolves into details on how we arrange it. It has been the same formula to success for several years.
Feel free to give it a try. You will find the cost savings of increase with the length of time you wish to stay in Barbados.
If you are a 5-7 day vacation type, your flight price may make this vacation style unreasonable.

Be sure to check out the Black Pearl Party Cruise aboard the Jolly Roger1.


Air Flights

Well in advance, decide on a range of dates that work for your vacation schedule. Keep in mind, the more time in advance you are prepared to pay for your flights, the more $ you are going to save.

Take this flexible range of dates to your local travel agent.

We prefer Hampton Travel (contact details attached).Keep in mind Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most reasonable times to fly in and out of Barbados on Air Canada.
Determine the departure and returning flights that suit your vacation needs.


Hampton Travel

Transportation and Travel Services

Full service travel agent, trips and tours booked all over Canada, the USA and world-wide.

Business Address:
140 High Street
Southampton Ontario, Canada
N0H 2L0

Contact Name: Jean Ceneda
Phone: 519-797-2031
  Fax: 519-797-9930






Johnny's Driftwood Creations

The Maple House

Barbados Accommodations

With selected dates, you will need to call Crystal Waters Guest House. It is located in Christ Church, South Coast. 1st Avenue Worthing Christ Church
(246) 435-7514

You will probably be directed to Manager Joan. Owners, David or Daphanie may also be answering.

There are three styles of accommodation.(See Website)

  1. Bed and Breakfast in Main Guest House
  2. Private Apartment 2-4 persons
  3. Maple House. 4 Bedroom 2 Bath

Joan will confirm your accomodation, pricing and dates via e-mail. This has worked very well for us. Joan will do her very best to ensure you are in a comfortable room or apartment that suits your needs.

OK, You have your accommodations, and a flight available. Ready for the next step(s)

Photo of the Waterfront Looking South

Waterfront Looking North

Every Sunday, Bob's BBQ starts @ 1:00PM and is an amazing time. Call Daphanie to reserve your table@
(246) 435-7514


ASAP, complete your flight purchase. The quoted price may change daily. We have noticed supply and demand is a driving factor on seat pricing. The Canadian Dollar getting close to par or better will drive people to book Barbados quickly. With Air and Room booked, you are now ready to focus on the other details to make your vacation perfect.

Our flight time travelling to Barbados is usually, very early in the Morning (6AM). We have discovered that booking an overnight room is when the vacation really begins.

Visit the Park N Fly Website to secure a discount in advance for the Valet Parking.
Really Easy and Your Car is waiting when you get home ready.




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